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When I wore your technology, I knew immediately how much this would help our workforce. – VP of Distribution 

Enabling our workers to be less fatigued and reduce back injuries, this will change the whole industry.  “  – Operations Director, Logistics/Supply Chain

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At Verve, we aim to develop true partnerships by working collaboratively to roll out our systems at-scale. Being one of our select beta partners means being the first in implementing the latest and most advanced technologies for your workers’ safety and wellbeing. It also means we invest extra time and resources into tailoring our services to your use case perfectly.

Are you ready to prioritize the protection of your employees? Tell us about who you are and how Verve would make an impact on your workplace.

    After the first rollout, workers keep asking us to bring in more suits!

    – Safety Manager

    Why Partner?

    In many physically strenuous work environments, employees perform repetitive lifting or sustained postures that lead to back fatigue and injury. Both employee and employer suffer in such situations: workers endure the painful tolls of the repeat physical labor, and companies aren’t able to retain valued employees due to injury on the job and worker burnout.

    Increasingly high worker’s compensation claims and frequent, costly rehiring and retraining plague employers. Meanwhile, employees are unable to work long-term in their positions as most must retire after a few years. Even so, they face the costs of their back injuries for decades after.

    I can’t think of anyone who’s been in the grocery industry over a period of time who doesn’t have back injuries. 

    –  50 year old warehouse worker

    Why Verve?

    Other powered exoskeletons are very powerful and optimized to assist one specific task (e.g. lifting heavy objects), but as a result are often large and expensive. Passive exoskeletons can be lighter in weight and portable, but while a certain lift or reach might be augmented, others may be not assisted, restricted or other movements may be hindered entirely.

    With SafeLift, workers can have unloading of the strain on their back with a lightweight, flexible, and comfortable system that never gets in their way and is comfortable to wear for a full shift. SafeLift also includes sensors that enable it to respond to wearer movements in milliseconds and also give recommendations to workers and management to improve safety and reduce injury risk.

    It feels natural. I forget that I’m wearing it until you take it off me. Then it’s like… oh wow, there comes all the strain. “  

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