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The Problem: Back Injuries, Repeated Strain, and Overexertion

These are steep obstacles to the success of most labor-intensive industries. Take a look at what they cause:

Back injuries occurring annually in US workplaces

US Bureau of Labor Statistics

Work days lost per year in the US due to back injury

United States Bone and Joint Initiative

In direct costs to US employers every year due to employee overexertion

Liberty Mutual Workplace Index 2018

Last year we hired 2000 people, we can’t find as many workers as we need, our turnover rates are 70%.

– President, COO

Look After Your Team for the Long Run

Verve SafeLift is a lightweight, one-size fits most soft exosuit that powers and protects workers all day long, so they can have safer work days and more restful nights.

Comfort + Convenience Meet Long-Lasting Power

Weighs 2.5 Kg

That’s as light as a laptop

30 seconds to put on and take off

That’s quicker than brushing your teeth

Has 12+ hours of battery life

That lasts longer than running 3 marathons

Lower strain, fatigue, and risk of injury

Optimize workplace safety and efficiency

Create a better quality of life through safer work days

About Us

Verve Motion is a multi-disciplinary team spun out of Harvard University that combines expertise in robotics, apparel design, and movement science.

That’s why SafeLift has the power of a machine, the comfort of clothing, and the ergonomics of elite sportswear.

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