Humans, powered.

SafeLift™ – an agile exosuit for a safe and productive workforce in motion

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Achieve up to 250% ROI in just 6 months

When workers get injured, everyone feels the pain

Fatigue, overexertion, and unsafe movements not only compromise the well-being and overall quality of life for workers, but also pose a significant risk to companies due to increased injury expenses, diminished productivity, and elevated rates of employee turnover.

Power and Protect your team with the Verve Motion SafeLift™ Exosuit

Hardware – Software – 24/7 Care

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Decrease injuries, retain talent and increase productivity with the leading soft, powered exosuit designed for workers.

SafeLift™ Customers Are Crushing Productivity Goals

We’ve helped American workers safely lift over 300 million pounds, improving productivity by 7%, and achieving pay back in under 6 months.

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Fewer Injuries


Productivity Boost


Improved Job Satisfaction


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Introducing SafeLift™

Our Mission

At Verve Motion, our mission is to power the human workplace with people-centric robotics.  We have carefully crafted an integrated solution – hardware, software, and customer care – that protects workers by reducing injuries and improving quality of life.

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