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At Ahold Delhaize’s 600,000 square foot Schodack, New York distribution center, nearly 200 associates work daily to load 80 trucks heading to stores across the Northeast.  

With the average distribution center worker lifting 50,000 pounds per day, overexertion injuries, fatigue, and lost productivity combined with employee turnover make the job particularly challenging.

A year-long study documenting the impact of SafeLift exosuits showed a 61% reduction in lower back and hip injuries among new users. To date, the SafeLift exosuits at Schodack have helped selectors lift over 50,000,000 pounds (the equivalent of 125 Boeing 747 airplanes!).

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50M lbs

Weight lifted to date


Injury reduction

ROI you can measure,
Impact your team can feel

Combined benefits across injury reduction, productivity enhancement and improved job satisfaction allow Verve Motion customers to achieve full return on their investment in under six months.

Leading Grocery Chain

Injury Reduction

Duration of Study

12 months

In a 12-month study, 47 warehouse associates wearing the SafeLift exosuit demonstrated a 7x reduction in injury rates compared to 500 associates working without. The group wearing exosuits resulted in just 1 injury over 94,000 hours of lifting, compared to 70 injuries among the control group.


Reduction in lower back and hip injuries


lbs lifted across all SafeLift users

Leading North American Retail Chain

Measure impact of SafeLift on associate productivity

Duration of study

6.5 months

In a 26-week productivity study involving 21 associates, exosuit usage was shown to improve both productivity and associate consistency. Over the course of the study, associates experienced a 7.7% average improvement in productivity. Additionally, the distribution of productivity across associates was 40% tighter, indicating the exosuits helped create more consistent performance day-to-day.


Productivity improvement


Tighter variation in productivity across associates

Leading Grocery Chain

Injury Reduction

Duration of study

12 months

To address high injury rates among new warehouse associates, a leading grocery chain conducted a 12-month study to evaluate if SafeLift exosuits could improve safety. They deployed exosuits for 40 new associates working 79,000 hours and compared their injury rate to 300 experienced associates working 600,000 hours without exosuits. The new associates wearing exosuits saw a 5x lower injury rate compared to the experienced associates not wearing exosuits.


Reduction in lower back and hip injuries


Hours of exosuit usage during study period

Leading Third Party Logistics Firm

Ergonomic study on reduction of unsafe lifts

Duration of study

5 months

In an ergonomic study involving 50 associates making on average 2,000 lifts per day, exosuit usage was shown to reduce the number of unsafe lifts. Over the course of 5 months, daily unsafe lifts went from 760 on day 1, down to 485 by month 5, indicating the SafeLift exosuits encourage safer movements through their construction and application of assistive forces, as well as the SafeLift reports.


Reduction in unsafe movements

275 / Day

Unsafe lifts eliminated for each worker wearing SafeLift exosuits.

Leading Retail Firm

Injury reduction

Duration of study:

21 months

Looking to improve workplace safety, a leading retail firm deployed 40 exosuits to warehouse associates. Over a 21-month period, the exosuit program yielded zero injuries, a 1.5% productivity boost, and paid for itself in 5.8 months – accomplishing the the firm’s goal of meaningfully reducing worker injuries through exosuit adoption.


Number of injuries


Productivity improvement

Verve Care Team

Measure employee satisfaction

Duration of study

12 months

To gauge employee sentiment around exosuit usage, we at Verve Motion conducted a 12-month study across multiple sites, including 286 associates wearing SafeLift exosuits. The results showed 95% satisfaction, with 87% reporting less soreness and 98% saying they would recommend the exosuit to coworkers.


Satisfaction rate


Reduction in associate soreness

Testimonials from the floor

With less strain on their bodies, workers are leaving work healthier and happier.

Verve Motion enables us to care for the workforce by helping associates reduce fatigue, work more effectively and reduce the likelihood of injuries.

President, Supply Chain

We’ve had no injuries across the workers in the program over the last quarter.

VP Corporate Safety, Grocery Distribution

We have 25 suits deployed and in use, but our waitlist of selectors keeps growing and growing.

Director of Warehousing

Selecting product in a distribution center is very physical work, and not only is it very physical, but it’s also critical. 

Chris Lewis

President, ADUSA Supply Chain

Our workforce has been more predictable and productive since we deployed Verve.

VP Supply Chain and Logistics