A powered exosuit to get your workforce
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The 3-in-1 SafeLift™ solution delivers safety, analytics, and 24/7 support

The SafeLift™ solution offers powered assistance, data-driven insights, and white glove care. Your team has never moved like this before.

SafeLift™ Exosuit

Your Second Skin

Engineered by our team of scientists and athletic apparel designers, the SafeLift exosuit offers tailored, powerful assistance that follows your every move. Suit up in under 30 seconds to experience a lighter day.

Lighter Lifts

Offload 40% of weight each lift with custom assistance

  • Access up to 240N of lift assistance force
  • Move freely with the exosuit’s breathable & flexible <6 lbs design
  • Customize assistance for each worker & task

Easy to wear

Suit up in under 30 seconds for full-shift support

  • Find your fit from 5’0” – 6’6” (XS – XXL) with 8 points of adjustment
  • Stay protected all shift long (and overtime) with 100 Wh of battery life
  • Navigate the floor with ease – from tight warehouse spaces to an electric pallet jack


Designed for the demands of a modern distribution center

  • Rapidly deploy with dedicated locker storage, charging stations, and support kiosks
  • Securely transmit lift and safety data via Verve Logic cloud platform (separately from building networks – eliminating complex IT integration)

Verve Logic™

Analytics At Your Fingertips

Glimpse into the invisible. Whether you’re on the floor or in the office, Verve Logic offers deep insight into team safety and productivity. Set goals and watch your team hit them in real time.

Motion-based insights

Capture real-time safety and productivity metrics across your floor

  • Track worker metrics like number of lifts, hours in use, and weight offloaded
  • Automatically detect risky movements like excessive bending and twisting
  • Reveal job functions, shifts or associates at higher risk of injury

Coaching and feedback

Improve individual and group performance with data-driven reports

  • Maximize team potential with individualized Worker Reports offering coaching and feedback
  • Track group performance across shifts, teams, and facilities
  • Identify evidence-based opportunities for improving injury rates through prioritized coaching, facility ergonomic improvements, and more

Inventory Management

Track and manage suit inventory, utilization, and productivity

  • Monitor and analyze utilization across your workforce
  • Quantify impact (improved safety metrics over time, cumulative weight offloaded, etc.)
  • Identify high-impact teams and scenarios to prioritize suit distribution

Verve Care

Succeed Together

At Verve Motion, we gauge our success by your success. Verve Care isn’t a warranty program, it’s our promise to care about your team’s success at every point in your journey.

Managed onboarding

Ensure streamlined setup, training, and roll-out with dedicated partnership

  • Partner with a Dedicated Customer Success Manager to co-create KPIs and deployment plans for ongoing success
  • Get started on the right foot with expert exosuit fittings and in-person training sessions

Ongoing support

Succeed together with 24/7 care

  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager and access to 24/7 support (virtual and on-site)
  • Regular meetings with your key stakeholders to review program results and develop action plans

Premium Protection

Minimize downtime with complete fleet coverage

  • Our full-fleet guarantee covers complementary repair or replacement of damaged exosuits
  • Enjoy unlimited technical support for your entire team
  • Stay up-to-date with regular system maintenance and software updates

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