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Verve began when a group of engineers, designers and scientists from Harvard saw the potential to combine robotics, apparel design, and movement science to create robots people could (and would want to) wear all day every day. While existing wearable robot or exoskeleton technology has been shown to provide benefit to workers for specific tasks, equally important is for a technology that can quickly get out of the way at other times. Based on this need, we set out to integrate the power, support and capability of robotic systems with the everyday comfort and familiarity of clothing.

Through contracts and grants from DARPA, NIH, NSF,  our team was able to focus on developing the core technologies at the heart of Verve’s products. The multidisciplinary research environment at the Harvard John. A Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences and the Wyss Institute enabled us to equip a diverse technical team with the necessary skills to rapidly innovate and iterate, and use state of the art scientific tools to measure the effectiveness of each new prototype.

Through our many years of effort, we matured the soft exosuit technology to the point where it was ready to help workers and found strong interest from industry to deploy it. Based on exciting proof of concept demonstrations with partners, we launched Verve Motion with the support of leading Boston-based early stage technology investors. The result is a a lightweight suit, mostly made of textile materials, that can learn and adapt to wearer movements to provide force only at the right moments and stay completely nonrestrictive the rest of the time.

The Play-by-Play


Awarded initial DARPA contract for the development of exosuit technology.


Fully autonomous system evaluated outside of the lab.


First group of workers use soft exosuit for lifting.

April, 2020

Official launch of Verve Motion.

May, 2020

Commercial deployment of SafeLift solution.

Our Mission

At Verve, our mission is to improve the limits of human performance and safety, allowing people to perform better for longer. We dreamed of making a product that would mean that essential workers who perform strenuous tasks would no longer become injured while doing their jobs.

So, we created a suit that could last longer than their shifts, would greatly lower strain and fatigue, and would be just as easy to put on as the rest of their clothes. The incredible reactions of associates wearing our SafeLift solution has been our biggest motivator in perfecting our system and getting it into the hands of associates everywhere.

Our Team

Verve Motion brings together the very best in robotics, apparel design, and movement science. Having a multidisciplinary team is not just an advantage– it’s a necessity. Together, the Verve team has 30+ years of cumulative experience in developing wearable technology for military, medical, and industrial applications.

From prototype to product, our team has worked together to develop transformative solutions that open up new, exciting applications. Over the years, we have analyzed tens of thousands of hours of our system in use, both through biomechanical and field evaluations. So, not only does our system pass the tests of an advanced motion-capture lab, but it also stands up to the trials of everyday use in real-world work.


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