Our mission is to power the human workplace through people-centric robotics.

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Powering the Human Workplace

We’re Verve Motion.

Our mission is to power the human workplace through people-centric robotics.

We’re not here to replace workers, we’re here to help them work better, safer, smarter.

The past few years have shown us just how important a healthy, happy workforce is to the success of a company, and to daily life. Disruptions in the workforce result in disruptions across society. A stretched supply chain, hiring shortages, and increased demand across sectors have resulted in a lot of sore backs for the folks who do the hard work.

And it is hard work.

Many warehouse and fulfillment center workers lift up to 50,000 pounds a day over the course of hundreds of tasks and movements.

That’s 25 tons.
The equivalent of a loaded shipping container.
Every day.
They’re doing a lot.

Their companies depend on them.
We all depend on them.

So we asked ourselves the question, what can we do to help?

Our answer is a soft and light exosuit that wears like a backpack but takes 40% of the strain off a worker with every lift of a case, package, or piece of equipment. 

It’s the first powered suit that can be deployed at scale, at speed, with virtually no setup or training.

No bulky or clumsy parts.
Made to fit everyone.
Ready to use right out of the box.

A better way to work.

A way to work that a growing number of companies are adopting. And that a lot of employees are greeting with open arms. It’s no longer enough to give workers what they need to get the job done. It’s time to equip workers with the tools they need to do their very best.

The Team Behind Your Team

We’re a team of apparel designers, scientists and engineers who really love robots but love people more. We’ve spent the last decade building a powerful exosuit that is as comfortable to wear as the clothes on your back.


It all started at Harvard in 2012, when we were awarded a contract from DARPA to develop the core technology behind our exosuit. 10 years later, we’re leveraging that same technology to power and support workers across every industry.

Our Story
  • 2012

    Awarded initial DARPA contract for the development of exosuit technology.

  • 2015

    Fully autonomous system evaluated outside of the lab.

  • 2018

    First group of workers use soft exosuit for lifting.

  • April

    Official launch of Verve Motion.

  • May

    Commercial deployment of SafeLift solution.

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